Victorinox launches secure data storage devices

Victorinox launches secure data storage devices

Friday, March 26, 2010

Available next month, Victorinox is releasing their new USB Drive Swiss Army Knives. Appropriately called the Victorinox Secure Pro, they will be available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models. Using Victorianox’s proprietary Schnuffi Platform Single Chip Technology, the drives are virtually un-hackable. As an extra security precaution, there’s also a fingerprint scanner.
To make things difficult, there are actually 3 versions of this product. The one I mentioned above is the Secure Pro which has the USB drive, blade, scissors, nail file, and ballpoint pen. Where’d the toothpick go? The more exclusive one is called the Presentation Master Edition which adds remote Bluetooth access and a laser pointer. The final version is called the Flight-Safe Edition (either the Master or Secure Pro) and it comes without the blade, so you can get it through airport security and such. I would think you’d need to ditch the scissors and nail file too, effectively making it an entirely different product.

They’re available in April.

Founded in 1884, Victorinox Swiss Army is Your Companion for Life on the Road. Victorinox Swiss Army, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Victorinox, A.G., is the exclusive United States, Canadian and Caribbean marketer of Victorinox Swiss Army knives, forged and stamped cutlery, fragrances and LED lighting products; and Victorinox Swiss Army timepieces. It sells apparel throughout the world under the Victorinox trademark and has flagship retail stores in New York, London, Tokyo and Geneva. Under license from Victorinox A.G., the Company sublicenses the Victorinox trademark and the famous Victorinox Cross and Shield to selected manufacturers and distributors of fine products including Victorinox Travel Gear. The company Web site is located at http://www.swissarmy.com. Victorinox Swiss Army, Inc. is based in Monroe, CT. “Victorinox”, the famous Victorinox Cross and Shield, and “Swiss Army” are trademarks owned by Victorinox AG and its affiliates and are registered in many countries.



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