Volcanic Ash could hit Canadian coast Monday; Inside Iceland’s apocalypse wow

Volcanic Ash could hit Canadian coast Monday; Inside Iceland’s apocalypse wow

Monday, 19 April 2010


••• Volcanic ash from last week’s eruption in Iceland could hit the eastern coast of Canada later on Monday, forecasters at Britain’s Met Office said.

Forecast charts show the ash could touch Canada from about 12:00 GMT and forecaster Bob Syvret told AFP: ‘It does suggest that the remnants of the volcanic plume may be appearing near the Newfoundland area.’

He said this was likely the remnants of the first eruption on Wednesday, which has been carried over on an area of high pressure.

The Met Office is working closely with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and National Air Traffic Services (NATS), and because of the ongoing volcanic activity U.K. airspace has now been closed until 1 am GMT Tuesday.

Eruptions from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano are weakening but, for the time being, weather patterns continue to blow volcanic ash towards the U.K.

Met Office and NERC observations are consistent with Met Office model forecasts for spread of ash over U.K. and north-west Europe. The Met Office commissioned NERC Dornier flight yesterday observed volcanic ash over the UK as far south as Southern England. An international effort is now in progress to coordinate the gathering of additional observational data.

The Met Office is the North-west European Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre with responsibility for issuing the Volcanic Ash Advisories for volcanoes erupting in this area. This means the Met Office’s priority and role is to support NATS, CAA and other aviation authority’s decision-making. It is for the aviation industry and regulator to set thresholds for safe ash ingestion. NATS are continuing to advise restrictions on U.K. airspace until Tuesday morning.

We will continue to offer advice to NATS about the spread of any residual ash. Assuming the volcanic activity continues to weaken, we can expect ash clearance across the U.K. and we will be looking for the earliest opportunity that this might happen.

The Met Office is unable to advise of any details of any flights. However, many airlines are providing information on their websites.
• Source(s): U.K. Met Office, SkyNews & ITN

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