Seven dead as tornadoes rip through Midwest

Seven dead as tornadoes rip through Midwest

Monday, June 7, 2010


••• Tornados and thunderstorms swept through Ohio, Illinois and Michigan.

Dozens of homes were destroyed and a nuclear power plant had to be shut down.

The deaths happened in Ohio, where as many as seven tornadoes struck.

A five-year-old child was among those killed in the small town of Millbury, Ohio, local media reported.

Some 50 homes were also destroyed in a weekend of devastation.

The tornados and storms were not confined to Ohio, with 11 people injured in storms in Michigan and 17 hospitalised in Illinois.

Damage to a wall of a Michigan nuclear power plant prompted an automatic shutdown and the facility will remain closed until response crews assess the impact.

The high school in Lake Township was among the hardest-hit buildings.

Some buses were thrown across the school car park, Superintendent Jim Witt said.

Lake Township Police Chief Mark Hummer described the affected area as “like a war zone”.

He said a child was among the victims.

Mr. Hummer said later that the authorities had finished searching damaged buildings and he was not aware of anyone being reported missing, but fields and woods were still being searched.

In Michigan, the Fermi nuclear power plant on the shore of Lake Erie was shut down after high winds tore a side from one of the buildings.

Dan Smith, public information officer for Monroe County, said investigators were inspecting the plant and it was expected to go back into operation soon.

An eyewitness in Illinois said the city of Streator had been badly damaged.

“I saw people coming out of their homes right after the tornado hit; a second story of a house was taken off,” Eddie Lavallie told the Chicago Tribune.

Streator Mayor Jimmie Lansford told a news conference that 17 people had been taken to a local hospital for treatment – and 30 buildings had “major structural damage”.
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